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Good-bye Summer, Hello Fall!

The days are (blessedly) cooler and shorter, and summer staff members have begun returning to school, reminding us that the seasons have begun to turn. We hope you enjoyed the many activities and attractions the Park Rapids area offers in the summer, and that you had plenty of time to relax and read. Thank you for your continued patronage of our store, as well as your friendship.

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Safety first, of course.

We’ve made several changes at the store because of the surge in cases of the Delta variant. Our staff has resumed wearing masks, and we ask that customers do as well. The Sister Wolf Book Group will meet virtually on September 1. A decision has not yet been made on the meeting on September 15. Other book groups will continue to meet at the store. Our expectation is that participants will be fully vaccinated and not showing symptoms of Covid.

Remember that we offer curbside service, delivery in the local area, and personal shopping.

William Kent Krueger

book coverWilliam Kent KruegerWe regret that our planned event with William Kent Krueger has been canceled. We WILL have autographed copies of Lightning Strike in the store.

Here is a message from Kent:

"The meteoric rise in infections, hospitalizations, and deaths over the past three weeks as a result of the Delta variant has caused me to rethink the advisability of any in-person events this fall. I’m concerned not only about my own safety but also the safety of those who might attend the event. With so many people still refusing to vaccinate and with ICUs across the country filled to capacity, I’m making the difficult decision to cancel all my in-person signings for Lightning Strike.

This decision has been so difficult, especially here at the eleventh hour. But I feel that given the developing circumstances it's the most prudent move. I hope you'll understand.

All the best,

Fall Hours

Beginning September 6, we will be open:

Monday to Saturday, 9:00 to 5:00
Sunday, 10:00 to 4:00

book coverClimate change discussion
September 8, 5:30

Our Current Events books group and the League of Women Voters (LWV) are having a joint discussion about global and local climate change. The discussion will be in a hybrid format. Come to the bookstore to participate in person or email and ask for a zoom link.

Discussion will center on the film “A Life on Our Planet: My Witness Statement and a Vision for the Future” by David Attenborough. The film is available on Netflix and at the library. The book version is available at Beagle and Wolf.


book coverArt Leap
September 25 and 26

An annual fall driving tour of Heartland Lakes artists’ studios and Park Rapids area cultural destinations. We are pleased to again host Kent Estey from Naytahwaush. His inspiration comes from nature, especially sky and water, and his work is often abstract.

See Kent’s web site.

Art Leap is sponsored by Heartland Arts.


Bear from Park Rapids new muralNew e-commerce web site

We are deeply disappointed that our new web site is not yet functioning, due to technical issues outside our control. We’re hoping it will be running soon. Watch our Facebook page for an announcement when it does.

Bear from Park Rapids new mural

New Releases

book cover Graceland, at Last, Notes on Hope and Heartache from the American South
Margaret Renkl 

The new book by the author of Late Migrations will be released on September 14. 

See Sally's review.

book cover Change Sings: A Children’s Anthem by Inaugural poet Amanda Gorman will be released on September 21.

book coverUnfortunately, Gorman’s book for adults has been delayed again and the name has been changed. The Hill We Climb will be released as Call us What We Carry on December 7.

book cover Cloud Cuckoo Land
Anthony Doerr

One of the most popular books in recent years was All The Light We Cannot See ¬†Anthony Doerr’s new book will be out September 28.

See Sally's review.

August Bestsellers
(August 1-24)

book cover book cover book cover book cover book cover   book cover

Lightning Strike
William Kent Krueger


Lions of Fifth Avenue
Fiona Davis


The Arctic Fury
Greer Macallister


City of Flickering Light Juliette Fay


This Tender Land
William Kent Krueger


Ordinary Grace
William Kent Krueger

book cover   book cover   book cover   book cover   book cover   book cover
Miss Benson’s Beetle
Rachel Joyce

The Seed Keeper
Diane Wilson


The Dollhouse
Fiona Davis


Girl in Disguise
Greer Macallister


The Madness of Crowds
Louise Penny


Nickolas Butler

book cover   book cover   book cover   book cover   book cover   book cover
Firekeeper’s Daughter
Angeline Boulley
  The Night Watchman Louise Erdrich  

Woman 99
Greer Macallister


Iron Lake
William Kent Krueger


Watershed: Attending to Body and Earth in Distress
Renae Lenor Hanson


A Song for Liv
Wayne Gudmundson


Paws for Poetry


book cover


Poet Warrior by Joy Harjo

Poet Warrior is a spectacular memoir, interlaced with poetry and song lyrics, as befits a poet who has been named a United States Poet Laureate. Much of the poetry in Harjo’s Poet Warrior is her own, but also included are poems by a diverse group of poets—from Emily Dickinson to N. Scott Momaday. The poetry included is necessary to move the narrative forward and it’s done masterfully. At the beginning of Poet Warrior, Harjo’s poems about herself refer to the poet as Girl-Warrior and once she comes of age, switches to Poet Warrior. Along with Harjo’s personal history, a helpful and relevant mini-history of the area where she grew up in Oklahoma is included. Particularly relevant is the history of The Trail of Tears. Harjo was the oldest child of a hard-working and beautiful mother and an unreliable father. Once her father was out of the picture, Harjo’s mother remarried to an unkind white man who had little interest in his wife’s four “mongrel” children. The book is divided into six parts: Ancestral Roots, Becoming, A Postcolonial Tale, Diamond Light, Teachers, and Sunset. As you might expect, the last part, Sunset, refers to Harjo’s later years, as a grandmother. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Poet Warrior, so much that I read it all in one day (one very good day!)

book cover


Czeslaw Milosz

Some time ago, I became aware of the poet Czeslaw Milosz, thanks to Kevin Young’s New Yorker Poetry podcast. In my hurried excitement, I ordered in the most popular book with Milosz listed as the author. I didn’t look closely though and didn’t realize that it was an anthology, edited by Milosz. It had a few of his poems, but mostly it was the works of others. For some reason, I never got around to ordering another Milosz book. Fast forward to 2021. The bookstore received a gift box of books—all poetry. The owners of a bookstore in Alaska are planning to retire after 30 years and are shipping boxes of gift books to independent bookstores. Among the poetry treasures in the box was a collection called The Separate Notebooks by Czeslaw Milosz.

To my surprise, when I opened the book, I discovered each poem was printed twice—once in Polish (Milosz’s native language) and once in English. Being of Polish/Russian descent, I find this fascinating. I’m in awe of the translator—I would never guess the poems were not originally written in English. (Sometimes a less than stellar translation results in a clunky read.) This collection has gone out of print, but as you hopefully know, we pride ourselves on tracking down out of print books (and without using unconscionable companies!)


Otherwise, Milosz’s poetry books that remain in print include:

book cover book cover book cover book cover

For your own sample of Milosz’s work, here’s a link to his poem Campo dei Fiori, written in 1943 and included in the collection I’m reading.



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