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Independent Bookstore Day: Saturday, April 24, 2021

New entryway

Thank you for putting up with construction in front of the store for months! The project is finally done! We’re happy with the way it looks and grateful that the wind no longer throws our front door against the Bookstore Roadmap logo railing.

Kevin Cannon, who does the artwork for the Midwest Indie Bookstore Roadmap, has updated the image for Beagle and Wolf.

It will be in next year’s edition of the map, but we thought you’d enjoy seeing his work in progress. And if you don’t have this year’s copy of the Roadmap, pick one up the next time you’re in the store. They’re free!

Old and new illustration of entryway showing the method of creating the art

Vaccinated? If not, please wear a mask!

Pandemic Updates

As a result of recent guidance from the CDC and Governor Walz, we’ve instituted these changes in the store:

Wearing a mask is no longer mandatory. We do expect that people who are not fully vaccinated, or are at risk, or living in a household with persons at risk will continue to mask.

We’ve removed our social distancing reminders and no longer limit the number of people who can be in the store.

We’ve polled members of our book groups, and all groups will resume meeting in the store.

Summer Hours

Beginning June 1, our hours will be:

Sunday 10:00 to 4:00
Monday to Friday 9:00 to 6:00
Saturday 9:00 to 5:00


As soon as the state-wide social distancing mandate was rescinded, we began scheduling author events! (Our last one was March 2020 which seems like a lifetime ago!) We hope to have such events most Saturdays during the summer, generally 1:00 to 3:00.


book cover
Nathan Jorgenson
June 12, 1:00 to 3:00

book coverbook coverNathan Jorgenson will be signing copies of his latest book, Contrapasso, as well as his earlier books, Waiting for White Horses, A Crooked Number, and The Mulligan.

Jorgenson event at Beagle and Wolf






Nate Jorgenson’s launch event for Contrapasso

book cover
Doug Mayfield
June 19, 1:00 to 3:00

Doug Mayfield will be in the store to sign copies of The Saint Patrick’s Day Hero.

Doug and Sally Mayfield




Doug and Sally Mayfield during a recent visit to the store.

bag of books
Celebrating 20 Years!

June 20

We’ll draw a name to win this month’s bag of books and bookish swag! It’s part of our celebration of our 20th year! Enter the drawing every time you’re in the store, no purchase necessary. If you can’t get in, email to enter. These are the only two ways to enter the drawing. (Note: prize bags must be picked up as we are unable to mail them. We will hold them, however.)

book cover
David Ralph Johnson
June 26, 1:00 to 3:00

David Ralph Johnson will be here to sign copies of Grand View.

David Ralph Johnson





David on a recent visit to the store.

July 4

Heads Up! There WILL be a parade this year

bag of booksbag of booksbag of booksbag of booksbag of booksbag of booksbag of booksbag of booksbag of booksbag of booksbag of booksbag of booksbag of booksbag of books

Summer Staff

Here are the people who will be at the store to help you in the months ahead, as presented by Megan:

..Jen.. Manager of the store, who loves socks! She also is a director for high school plays!

..Sally.. Boss of the store, and card picker! She also runs the Facebook account!

..ann.. The admin assistant, who loves spending time in nature! She also loves to read and spend time with family!
..Bob.. Sore's personal IT guy, who was once a college professor. He also has an interest in feeding song birds!

..Cascade.. A bookseller who has a pet long-tailed lizard! Also has too many stuffed animals!

..Megan.. A bookseller, who loves butterflies. Also the person who runs the insta account!
..Pam.. A bookseller, as well as an elementary school teacher. She is also a lover of the children's book section! .. Tripod.. Bookstore's cutest staff member, who loves treats! She also enjoys playing with her sister Shadow in the yard.

Second Fall Reading Retreat Added!

The Reading Retreat scheduled for October 8 to 10 is full. Still want to attend? We will offer a second retreat (same books, same venue) October 15 to 17.

If you’re interested, send a check for $50 made out to Beagle and Wolf Books with “Oct. 15 to 17 retreat deposit” in the memo line. Send to Beagle and Wolf Books, Attn: Sally, 112-3rd St. W., Park Rapids MN 56470.

Complete information about the retreats

book cover book cover book cover

Diary of a Young Naturalist and Things I Learned from Falling were just released. Sally’s reviews of them are on the Staff Picks page.

Libra LISTEN UP logoNew from

The new app for ios has been released! Details are here.

May Bestsellers

Book covers are linked to our online store, where you’ll find a description of each book.
Titles with asterisks link to our reviews.


book cover book cover book cover book cover book cover   book cover

The Falcon Thief
Joshua Hammer


Writers & Lovers
Lily King


Holy Envy
Barbara Brown Taylor


The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse
Charlie Mackesy


Hidden Valley Road
Robert Kolker

  Braiding Sweetgrass
Robin Kimmerer
book cover   book cover   book cover   book cover   book cover   book cover
The Seed Keeper
Diane Wilson

Mary Casanova


Jesus Calling
Sarah Young


The Dutch House
Ann Patchett

  Saint Patrick’s Day Hero
Doug Mayfield
  Waiting for White Horses
Nathan Jorgenson

Paws for Poetry


book cover
What Falls Away is Always: Poems & Conversations
Richard Terrill

This collection is exactly the kind of poetry I most like to read - poems about everyday places or events, steeped in detail, with a bit of humor in the mix (who says poetry is all seriousness?) The poet is a Minnesotan and many of the places he writes about are familiar to me (ie: the lake, the cabin.) However, Terrill’s sense of humor also takes us to unexpected and fun topics—such as his poem “The pTerrilldactyl”, a playful poem about a made-up dinosaur (note the similarity between the author’s name and the title of the poem.)

Here is a link to the Terrill’s poem “Miles Davis Plays ‘Stella by Starlight.’” I chose this particular poem because it displays the author’s other passion, which is jazz. (Listen to him performing with his jazz quartet.)

book coverWorldly Things
Michael Kleber-Diggs

The poems in this amazing collection are concise and poignant, some addressing the complexities of Black America, and others addressing simpler (and often more pleasant) experiences such as supper at Grandma’s house or swimming at Lake Pepin. (Yes, our Lake Pepin. The author lives in St. Paul.) Hear the author read his poem America Is Loving Me to Death, followed by the author talking about the poem. It is well worth the listen.

Michael Kleber-Diggs was awarded the 2021 Max Ritvo Poetry Prize (selected by Henri Cole). 

On June 8th (the publication date of Worldly Things), Kleber-Diggs will be in conversation with Traci K. Smith via Zoom. Registration here (the event is free):


book coverLooking ahead…..
The most anticipated book of poetry being released next month is……

Maggie Smith

Of course it will be reviewed, but you’ll have to tune in again next month for that review ;)



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