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July 2016


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Beagle and Wolf Has July Events Galore!


July 4

Pies!10th Annual John Michael Lerma
Pie Baking Contest & Auction

Support the Park Rapids Library with pie! Beagle and Wolf Books will host the 10th annual pie baking contest and auction. All proceeds go to the Park Rapids Area Library.

To enter, bring your pie to Beagle and Wolf by noon on July 4. Entry fee is $5. Categories are:

Double Crust
Single Crust
Custard or Cream
Juvenile (any pie by an 8-12 year old)

Prizes will be provided by the Friends of the Library.

The pies will be auctioned off at 3:30ish at Pioneer Park in downtown Park Rapids. It’s a great way to have a yummy dessert without having to bake, and all in support of a worthy cause!


Starts July 1,
party on July 30


bookThe search for Waldo in Park Rapids in ON!

Waldo is hiding in 25 locations in Park Rapids.

Beagle and Wolf Books & Bindery is Waldo Headquarters. Come by the bookstore for a passport (every place you find Waldo will stamp your passport), come back after you’ve found 10 Waldos for a Waldo button (while supplies last), and turn in your completed passport to win the GRAND PRIZE BASKET (filled with goodies from participating businesses).

Be on the lookout in Park Rapids during July, you just might spot Waldo or Wenda!

On Saturday, July 30 at 5:00 we will have a Waldo party at Beagle and Wolf and draw for the grand prize winner.

Join us!

Mary Sharratt

July 8



We’re in for a treat! Mary Sharratt (an American who lives in England) will be with us—in costume—for a presentation that will make Elizabethean England come alive! Her new book, The Dark Lady’s Mask, is historical fiction imagining the life of the Shapespeare’s dark lady. Think you don’t like Shakespeare? Prepare to be surprised!

Paws Point Event

Mike Maurer

July 16
noon to 2:00




Mike Maurer, a Viet Nam vet, will be with us to sign copies of Perfume River Nights. The novel is both an engaging story and a must read for anyone seeking to understand the ordeal of combat. Encourage the vets in your life to come in to visit with Mike!

Paws Point Event


July 18
5:00 to 6:00




Paws Point EventGame Night, hosted by Megan and Cascade.

Join us for this fun event for families! We’ll get out our game demos for a lively hour of play. Don’t know how to play the games?  We’ll show you how to play them! (Note: the games we’ll play are for ages 8 to adult.)

Eric Dregni

July 23


Eric Dregni is returning to the store! His new book, Let’s Go Fishing, is an illustrated volume of the lore and legacy of fishing in the northland. Anyone who’s ever wet a line will be entertained by this book—and by Eric’s presentation!

Paws Point Event

Bestsellers for June

book book book book book



Snowplow Polka


Whispering Pines




The Lighthouse Road

book   book   book   book   book

Prairie Silence


Pollinator Friendly Gardening


Water and What We Know


Locally Laid


Inside the O'Briens


Now in paperback


bookKitchens of the Great Midwest, one of our favorite books from last summer, is now available in paperback! 

When Lars Thorvald's wife, Cynthia, falls in love with wine and a dashing sommelier, he's left to raise their baby, Eva, on his own. He's determined to pass on his love of food to his daughter starting with pureed pork shoulder. As Eva grows, she finds solace and salvation in the flavors of her native Minnesota. From Scandinavian lutefisk to hydroponic chocolate habaneros, each ingredient represents one part of Eva's journey as she becomes the star chef behind a legendary and secretive pop-up supper club, culminating in an opulent and emotional feast that's a testament to her spirit and resilience.

Here's author Ryan Stradal in a short video on the misconceptions of the Midwest.

Midwest Connection Picks



As Good as Gone
a novel by Larry Watson

Calvin Sidey, one of the last of the old cowboys, returns to the small town where he once was a mythic figure, to the very home he once abandoned, to stay with his grandchildren for a week while his estranged son is away. When family problems arise, Calvin solves them the only way he knows how: the Old West way.


If You Ever Want to Bring a Piano to the Beach, Don't!
a children’s picture book by Elise Parsley

Magnolia is a little girl with a big idea, determination, and one very heavy upright piano that she insists on taking with her to the beach, but in a series of mishaps, Magnolia quickly learns that a piano does not mix well with sand, sun, and seagulls.


The Telling
a memoir by Zoe Zolbrod

A kaleidoscopic examination of the influence of one woman's childhood sexual abuse on her identity as a mother and woman.


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